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If you've scrolled this far, you probably aren't sure yet, if you should use our matching services. Let us give you a bit of advice how to chose for yourself. It's not always easy to find the right software partner, so here's our support for your journey.


If you do not trust your service provider, it is not worth investing your money and time. Here are some tips to make sure your future service provider is worth your money:

  • Where can I find examples of mobile apps from app development companies?
    If you're considering working with a specific service provider, be sure to check out the successful projects they've featured on their website. This will give you a better understanding of: How long they've been serving clients in your industry? If they're using the desired tech stack? If their mobile app projects are recent or if they only develop them from time to time? Companies always present themselves in the best light possible, but this is also a good way to make sure their storytelling and Ux/ui abilities match your project's requirements. Bigger software companies are usually a good choice when it comes to reliable partners as they have sufficient manpower to cover a wide range of knowledge and ways to mitigate project risks. Most common mobile app development company sizes in Puerto Ricoes have between 2 - 9 employees which makes them a valuable asset - whilst not always super cheap.
  • Where can I find mobile app development ratings?
    It's a good idea to not just visit the homepage of potential mobile app development service providers, but to also see what their past clients have said about them on other websites. In every industry or niche, there are independent rating sites where clients can leave reviews about their experience with the company they contracted. You can find mobile app development agencies and service providers on freelance platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr. There are also pure review websites, such as Clutch, Goodfirms, or Designrush, that you can check out.
  • Find verified top rated mobile app developers.
    When narrowing down your search for a mobile app development company, it is important to find a reputable rating site. A site with a paid program to highlight marketing partners is not as reliable as a site that has a verification process to confirm the legitimacy of the firms. We only work with companies that have undergone a screening process and have been confirmed with regard to their size, programming abilities, years in business, hourly rates and diversity and inclusion.


If you're looking to get a mobile app developed, it's important to know that the costs can range from $5,000 to hundreds of thousands, depending on the features, design, and platform you choose. With such a wide range of hourly rates for mobile developers out there, it's crucial to find a partner that fits your budget.

  • Know how much mobile app projects usually cost
    Most importantly, the more complex your project is, the more it is going to cost. Because both more time and higher expertise are required. Try aiming for an early MVP (minimal viable product) and generally focus on following factors:
    1. Some areas are more expensive than others. For instance a time scheduler is going to be cheaper than a full blown shopping application. We'd like to mention that firms in Puerto Rico have a strong skillset around Business, Productivity and Ecommerce mobile apps.
    2. Platform dependencies should be kept low. Decide early on if your application should run web based, on iOS, Android or any combination of those.
    3. The amount supported devices increases the cost, as more time flows into developing responsive components and device testing. Supporting less devices in early stageswon't be a showstopper for later expansion.
    4. Most importantly, the total time required should be kept incremental. The more in-app pages, features, digital assets, languages, etc. that you wish your app to contain, the more development hours are required. Keep it simple at first.
  • Is it better to work with freelancers or an app development company?
    The cost for mobile app developers varies from $18 - $39 per hour with a median of $27 according to some statistics. When talking about freelancers, this might be the case. However, once a mobile app project reaches a certain size, you will need a team that knows each other and is capable of efficiently executing DevOps to ensure ongoing quality and a robust product. As a result, most teams are hired between $80 - $200 dollars depending on the niche, expertise and service level. We work with a variety of mobile app development companies in Puerto Rico, but most of them have 2 - 9 employees. However, we also have a network of freelancers who can be a great addition to your company's app development team.
  • Which hourly rates can be expected for mobile developers in Puerto Rico?
    Since it is hard to compare teams that have different hourly rates, this question does not have an easy answer. However, total cost is not only based on the hourly rate but also on factors such as efficiency, time to market (and opportunity cost), and quality of work which can vary between teams. To reduce the risk of failure, we recommend finding a team that has already built software similar to your requirements. Our partners' hourly rates in Puerto Rico generally fall between $50 - $99. This info may help you choose the best fitting provider in your region - budget wise.

Skills & Competence

Mobile app development is a complex process that requires a variety of skills, from DevOps and backend frameworks to frontend frameworks and solution architecture. Here's how you can evaluate a company's skills and competence:

  • How can I find a team with the right technical know-how?
    If you alreay know your desired tech stack, you should definitely keep an eye open for project references that have been realized with the same technologies. An easy way to check if a certain company would be a good fit skill-wise, is to look at their employees' profiles, for instance on LinkedIn. Many developers tend to list their additional course certificates (for instance Flutter certificates, cloud certificates for AWS or Azure and many others). While being at it, you can also check how long their employees have been working in their field, giving you a better judgement of their experience levels.
  • Are you searching for a mobile app developer with a particular niche focus?
    In order to give you an overview of the different areas of Puerto Ricoes, we have examined several small and medium-sized IT companies that focus on specific frameworks, platforms or industries.
    1. Most common frameworks and CMS systems: Mobile applications usually aren't built completely from scratch and make use of programming frameworks as well as content management systems. Within Puerto Rico the most common ones being used are.Net, Microsoft Sharepoint and WordPress. In case you are looking for other skills, there are also companies specializing in Drupal, Flutter and Joomla, though less presented in the area.
    2. Platform focus: It is quite common for mobile app developers to focus on specific platforms, be it Android, iOS or web-based applications. The distribution of these is usually quite even, that applies for Puerto Rico as well.
    3. Industry focus: Building a mobile application to do medical imaging or contain a social network are entirely different areas. Thus, look for a company with an overlap between their industry focus and your mobile app. Local companies tend to specialize on Business, Productivity and Ecommerce mobile apps.

Attitude & Culture

The way a company treats its workers and clients is very important to us. We know that the compatibility of a client and software team's cultures has a big impact on software projects. That is why we have listed special criteria for mobile app development companies, which are accessibility, inclusion and multiculturalism.

Although there are only a few mobile app development companies in Puerto Ricoes, they should be taken seriously in terms of attitude and culture. A small number of companies have worked their way to the top of our list by making sure their workplace is inclusive and accessible to employees and guests. We take into account a total score of DATAFIELD companies that fulfilled either one of our criteria or multiple of those (summed up). We want to increase the amount of partnerships with companies that care.

PLACEHOLDER & FINAL STATEMENT - NO VARIANTS --- We hope that our guide for selecting the right mobile app development partner helps you in finding the right team and making good decisions. In case you are still not sure, feel free to reach out to our consultants by filling in our form and we will take care of the selection process for you.